GoNative is a brand for telecommunications services
such as voice, internet, security and other services.
It’s a brand that is birthed from two concepts.

  • 1. That of Native American heritage.

    That of Native American heritage. Do you respect and relate to the value system of respect, wisdom and integrity - and desire to affiliate with a brand that represents these?

  • 2. That of a local nature.

    Do you think it’s important to support the US economy? Regional economy? Local economy? Buy local from Tribes or others that value your hometown and support you – unlike corporations beholden to Wall Street values.

Independent of WHY you choose to become part of the Go Native family – you can be assured that services will be delivered and supported with the utmost quality and respect to your communications needs.

Come on, let’s Go Native!

About Us

Go Native was developed by the founders of Native Network to enable participating Tribes a unified brand to deliver services on a national basis.

Native Network is a telecom network and a network of people working to connect Native American lands to each other and the World, to foster global Trade and Communication. Our mission is simple, yet bold: CONNECT Tribes to EMPOWER and PROSPER.

In America's pre-European history the indigenous people were connected by a sophisticated structure of trade routes that not only encouraged trade, but also promoted cooperation & prosperity among disparate Tribes.

Native Network is dedicated to reconnecting the Tribes of the United States using telecommunications, a technology that will serve as modern "trade routes for the 21st Century." This for-profit effort will not only generate wealth for its stakeholders, but will usher in a new age of empowerment and prosperity for participating Tribes and their surrounding non-Native American communities.